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Who Are We

Your Pupil Peer Mentoring is the most underutilised wellbeing resource in your school.

You want to know a bit more about the Peer Mentoring Programme, and what you’re thinking of signing up to - I get it. You’ve probably looked around and found a few approaches that could work for training your Peer Mentors, and you want to know whether the This Is Me approach is the right one for you. 


I only work with a handful of schools each term, so I want you to make the right choice. This article is a detailed look at my Peer Mentoring Programme, to make sure it’s right for you and your pupils. 


Why do you offer the Pupil Peer Mentoring Programme?


Have you ever stopped and considered how to have a productive mentoring conversation? What questions you should or shouldn’t ask? 

How do you build genuine trust quickly?

What should, and shouldn’t, you be speaking about?


If you don’t immediately know the answers to these questions, then your pupil mentors certainly don’t. 


I speak to schools on a weekly basis that have peer mentoring programmes in place. The problem is, they’re not much more than a buddy system and nobody (pupils, teachers and parents alike) really knows how they work. Sound familiar? 


That is why I created the Peer Mentoring Programme.


We want to empower pupils with great communication skills. 

We want them to feel confident with their mental wellbeing on good days and bad. 

We want them to develop mental fitness while they are at your school, so that when they leave with the skills to influence and manage and thrive with their emotions. 


Your peer mentoring programme is the perfect vehicle to deliver all of this, but it needs to be done correctly. I have been running mentoring programmes since 2018, my first few as the Wellbeing Lead in school, and then as a partner. I have made a whole host of mistakes, wasted precious time, tweaked, practised, tweaked again to come up with a programme that delivers brilliant results. I have made all of those mistakes so that you don’t have to. This programme has been refined, tested, proven, and now wins its schools’ awards. 


It gets pupils from here:

To here:

What exactly is included in the programme?


The programme is broken down into three elements. Here’s a run down of each:


  • Set Up Consultancy, includes consultancy and templates for:

    • Consultancy to define the core values and purpose of the programme for your school

    • Tailoring of structure and launch of the programme for your school

    • Mentor selection and interview questions

    • Communication templates for staff, parents and pupils to promote the programme

    • Assembly templates

    • Support navigating logistics, timetabling, room allocation etc. (I’ve made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to!)

  • Training:

    • Core Training - delivered over 5hrs in 2-3 sessions (split to work within your timetable)

    • Recap Sessions - two, one hour sessions delivered within the following 12 months

    • Handout Resources

    • The sessions focus on four key tools that Mentors will use to navigate their mentoring conversations. They are highly practical, using scenario role plays which give mentors the most opportunity to understand and practice their tools.

    • The training sessions focus on discussing wellbeing and mental health, as these are often the most challenging conversations to have. The tools however, are applicable whether someone is struggling with their homework or their mental wellbeing.

    • The training is designed to challenge your mentors’ usual thinking patterns and gets them focusing on creative thinking, problem solving and empathy. 

  • Wellbeing Data:

    • Before and after the programme we collect wellbeing data to help you analyze the wellbeing of your mentors

    • The questionnaires have been designed in collaboration with The University of Essex, and there are options available for deeper analysis

What problems does the Peer Mentoring Programme solve?


Quite a few! 


For Pupils:


  • According to the Mental Health Foundation, 88% of young adults experience loneliness. Loneliness isn’t solved through having lots of friends and lots of conversations - it’s solved by having high quality interactions that develop connection. A well trained mentor offers exactly that, not only to their mentee but their friends, loved ones and future colleagues too. 


  • Lots of pupil mentoring programmes fail because they don’t train their mentors effectively. This not only means that mentors aren’t given the chance to do a great job, but it dents their confidence too. 

  • The This Is Me training combines real life scenarios with coaching and mentoring skills to ensure that each and every mentor gets confident in their ability to help their mentees. 


  • Our young people are better connected than ever before - just try taking your teenager’s phone away without them noticing and you’ll see for yourself! But these interactions miss vital elements of human interaction, body language, facial expression, and this low quality connection comes at a cost. Our ability to have meaningful conversations in person is eroded, which means less connection, less depth to friendships, less skill at finding and sustaining relationships and even limiting future employment opportunities.

  • A truly effective mentoring programme gives the skills and the opportunity to build strong connections. Having witnessed hundreds of pupils learn and use these skills I know that they are nearly never only used for their mentees, they make friendships and relationships stronger too. 


For Teachers:

  • Greater openness from pupils

  • More proactive pupils, who are confident managing their challenges and know when to ask for help

  • Happier, more fulfilled and connected pupils 

  • Stronger safeguarding. To date, I have never trained a cohort of mentors who have not had one or more mentee identified as needing additional support. These pupils’ issues would have gone unnoticed without their mentor’s support. 


How much does it cost for the Peer Mentoring Programme?


The programme costs £3,000

This cost includes the set up, core training and two follow up sessions, plus support from me for the whole year.

To get your school booked in, all I ask for is a contract and 10% deposit. This will hold your space for the term that you want to start and allow us to get cracking with the planning.


Who is this for?


The Pupil Peer Mentoring Programme is not for everyone, and we only want your school onboard it if it’s right for you.


This is for your school IF:


  1. You are a secondary school looking to train Year 10+ as mentors.

  2. You have a member of staff that is passionate about mentoring or wellbeing and can be my main point of contact for rolling out the programme.

  3. Your school culture prioritises wellbeing (or is moving towards this). The programme is not suitable for schools that only wish to provide academic mentoring.

  4. Your teachers are ready to empower and work alongside pupils.


Who is this programme not for?


This is NOT for you if:


  1. You work for a primary school. (If this is you, please check out the Tutor Skills Programme which is great in the Primary School setting.)

  2. You want a mentoring programme solely for academic purposes.

  3. You do not have a member of staff that can act as liaison between your school and This Is Me to get the programme up and running. 


How long does the programme take? 


I contract with my partner schools for a year minimum, so you will have access to my expertise for the whole academic year.

The training itself is delivered in five hours, spanning two to three sessions to fit with your timetable. 

The programme also includes two follow up sessions, each an hour long and I recommend you book those in during the following two terms to refresh your pupil mentors’ skills. 


What will I need to get started?


I ask all of my partner schools for: 

  • A contract

  • A 10% deposit 

  • Someone within your school who is ready to run it!


Who is your trainer?


I am an ex-Samaritans volunteer, Health and Wellbeing Coach and have worked specifically with schools since 2017. I get the challenge of supporting wellbeing in a busy school setting!


I am also a mum of two, have two ridiculous dogs and a soldier for a husband. When I’m not in school getting over excited about having awkward conversations, you’ll find me dog walking on Salisbury Plain, sweating in a soft play or studying for my next Coaching qualification (life long learner!)


How do you deliver the training?


  • The training is delivered in person at your school. 

  • Setup will be arranged via Zoom and phone calls. 

  • Additional resources for partner schools are available during the set up phase.


What results can I expect?

You’ve had enough of me talking by now, so here’s what the mentors say about the programme:

  • “I’ve learnt how to be there for someone and give them the space to talk about how they are feeling and to support them in difficult situations”

  • “I feel so much more confident in tackling the awkward conversations and then able to give a more useful answer”

  • “It has helped me to know how to have meaningful conversations and get to the root of someone’s problem and then help them to make their own decisions”

  • “I feel like I could talk to a person with problems with more confidence than before and know the structure on how to go about talking to them”

  • “I feel more in touch with how other people are feeling”

  • “I now know how to answer and talk to anyone about their problems”


How do I sign my school up?


Now you know everything you need to know about the Peer Mentor Programme, you are ready to make the call whether it’s right for your school.


Fill in the form below to join the waitlist for the term you are interested in getting started.

Success! Miff will be in touch.
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