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1-2-1 TEEN

Who Are We

Your teen is incredible. Sometimes they just need a
nudge to realise it.

Here are the answers to all of the questions I have been asked about the 1-2-1 Mentoring Programme I run. You’ve likely explored various options for supporting your teen, and I have no doubt you want to make sure that this programme is the right fit for your teen and your family.


The 1-2-1 Mentoring Programme is designed for teens aged 14-22 who have loads of potential but aren’t taking action or just feel “stuck”. It nearly always comes down to a lack of self-belief, and it is perfect for teens who are struggling to make friends, are hesitant to take initiative and never seem to seize opportunities.


Why Choose This 1-2-1 Mentoring Programme?


Have you ever wondered how to help your teen build self-belief and confidence? How to encourage them to take proactive action, bounce back from failure and develop better communication skills?


If you don’t have immediate answers to these questions, your teen likely doesn’t either. Many teens face challenges with confidence and self-belief, which can impact their friendships, wellbeing, and overall happiness.


That's why I created the 1-2-1 Mentoring Programme.


The mentoring is focused on empowering teens with:

- Increased self-belief and confidence

- Proactive action-taking and agency

- Better communication skills

- Overall happier and more fulfilled lives


Programme Details


The programme is run over three months and includes:

- Six 1-2-1 Sessions: Personalised mentoring sessions tailored to your teen’s unique needs.

- Two Optional Group Sessions with Parents: Additional sessions delivered at the start and end of the core mentoring, to share with you the core tools we use in mentoring and guide the conversations you have outside of the sessions. support and insights to help you better understand and support your teen.



£1,200 for the six session programme 


£1,500 including two parental sessions

(monthly payment options available)


What Should You Expect In The Sessions?

As with all coaching and mentoring, the content of the sessions is determined by the needs of the person on that day. That being said, the focus will always be on giving your teenager the space they need to reflect on whatever is getting in their way in life, and developing skills and tools to become proactive and courageous in life.  


Is This Programme Right for Your Teen?


This programme will work for your teen if:

- You can see they have bags of potential but they lack self-belief or drive

- Their confidence has been holding them back (perhaps they’ve struggled to build strong connections or don’t feel good enough to put themselves forwards)

- They have faced challenges with their wellbeing and need support developing resilience

- They hesitate to take initiative and seize opportunities


This Programme Is Not Right For Your Teen If:


- They have ongoing diagnosed mental health problems and have not been seen by a medical professional

- Your teen does not want to engage in the programme (“you can take a horse to water” and all that!)


How to Get Started:


To enroll your teen in the Teen Mentoring Programme, simply contact me to discuss your needs and secure your spot. 


Who Is Your Mentor?


My name is Miff and I have been working in the Independent School sector since 2018, and in the wellbeing space since 2016. I will jump on my soap box at every opportunity to encourage schools and businesses to tap into the incredible potential of young people and my mentoring programmes have won my partner schools awards for wellbeing*. At the core of every programme I run are fundamental life skills not taught elsewhere in school. I bring these skills that develop self belief, agency and confidence into every coaching and mentoring session that I run. 


Sound like a fit for your teenager? Fill out the details below and I’ll be in touch to answer your questions or get started. 


*Canford School won the Hieda 2023 Best Wellbeing Initiative for the mentoring programme I have been delivering for them since 2020.

Success! Miff will be in touch.
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